Wikileaks: With Friends Like These …

Among the list of conspiracy kooks, Neo-Nazis, preening axe-grinders, media blowhards and genuinely well-intentioned transparency advocates that are pro-Wikileaks, you can add the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, who submitted a resolution to the Berkeley City Council proclaiming Private Bradley Manning (the guy who allegedly leaked tons of classified documents to Wikileaks) a “hero.”

The city council indefinitely tabled the resolution, but not for perhaps the reasons you would think. From The Daily Caller:

The city council put off consideration of the motion citing concerns that it was premature to proclaim Manning a hero as he has yet to actually admit to the allegations that he is the leaker. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Councilman Kriss Worthington believed whoever leaked the information was a hero, however.

“I think this should come back to us if he actually says that he did it,” said Worthington.

In other news, old Berkeley hippies still haven’t gotten over that time in 1969 when National Guard helicopters dumped nausea gas on protesters in People’s Park, which was, by all accounts except the hippies’, hilarious.

Seriously, though, I’m all for whistle-blowers, but it might be a fair bit of a stretch to call Manning a “hero.” There are lots of real heroes out there, big and small. For Berkeley to choose to honor this soldier, besides, say, any of the countless soldiers who actually gave their lives and well-being in service to their country, well, it comes off as political and two-faced.


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