Viva la Revolucion!

Coming as a surprise to… well, absolutely no one besides deluded progressives who still, somehow, keep on lionizing Hugo Chavez, it seems that the Venezuelan government is in the process of expanding it’s charmingly titled “Social Responsibility” law to clamp down on the internet. In addition to protecting Venezuelans’ “moral and ethical honor,” the new provisions will regulate websites that “can represent media manipulation designed to promote uneasiness in the community or disturb public order” or “could lead to the assassination of the President.” Given that the little caudillo is accustomed to accusing everyone who opposes him as being involved in some plot to assassinate him or overthrow him in a coup, the implications are fairly obvious.

In addition, as Slashdot notes, the Venezuelan government is working to create a single ISP for the entire country, one that will … ahem… “[handle] outgoing and incoming traffic in Venezuela…” You know. Stuff like logging IP addresses and that sort of thing. For the greater glory of the Bolivarian revolution, naturally.

I blame capitalism.


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