Maybe It Was in the Grundrisse…

Old line: If we don’t have government-mandated sexual assault in airports, the terrorists have won. So shut up and get used to it, plebs. Your betters know what’s good for you, and what’s good for you is getting felt up by a TSA worker who hasn’t changed their gloves in a couple hours.

New line: “[W]e seem to have reached that stage of capitalism where sexual abuse is being used as a threat to get people (taxpayers in this case) to spend money to pad corporate profits. I wonder, once wingnut America figures that one out, if they’ll calm down with the outrage?  I mean, the free market is why you have to submit to the groping!  Suggesting your privacy comes before their profits is just as good as saying that you’re a dirty commie, didn’t you know?”

The bizarre caricature tacked on at the end notwithstanding, I’m still left wondering about this “sexual-abuse-as-a-stage-of-capitalism” thing. I mean, I haven’t read everything the guy ever wrote, but I’ve read enough to know that Marx never really had much to say about the topic. And glancing through my copy of Lenin: Selected Works, I’m not seeing a whole lot in there either. Then again, I only have Volume One.*

Amusingly, they unwittingly hit the nail on the head without even knowing it:

Point is, there’s a lot of money to be made by selling scanners to airports.  And there’s a revolving door between people who work in high levels of government and those profiting off selling these devices.

If only the people owned the means of producing body scanners… Anyways, it’s clear that the problem definitely is not the government, which has the power to purchase these things and then mandate that everyone be forced to either go through them or make friends with a TSA worker’s fingers under penalty of law, the problem is capitalism. This point should be obvious since such blatant violations of privacy historically have not occurred in socialist states anywhere in the world.

* Though come to think of it, maybe that’s what Leonid Brezhnev’s book The Virgin Lands was all about. It’s on my shelf but I confess that I’ve never had the heart to read it.


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