‘For those of us who have been in hyperspace …’

I came across this article the other day, which describes a new experiment being set up at Fermilab to determine whether or not reality — that is, the third dimension — is actually a hologram*. Fascinating read, blah blah blah, but what I really want to share is this comment on the article, which is chock full of grade A crazy and a rather instructive lesson on the Internet**:

The article makes the assertion that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. For those of us who talk in real time to alien civilizations at 80,000 light years out, this comment makes no sense. Furthermore, there are other hyperspace co-dimensions with different speeds of light, such as 1 meter/second, which makes space-time very wavy like water sloshing around as you move through it. Since this subspace geometrical manifold connects all points in the universe, it is possible to bypass the speed of light and thus converse in real time. All our physics constants come from this tetrahedral geometry. For example, a circle of radius proton mass, centered on the Planck mass at the base constant (h/c) is tangent to a line, at the Cabibbo angle of 12.7 degrees, which intersects the up quark mass at the down quark wavelength at the 45 degree base line. The tetrahedron diagram also shows that the electron is the proton. In talking with the designers of the Juliet crop circle, they confirm that the electron is the proton by adding, “That is a good observation for your level of science.” For them it is old hat but for us it is a step forward. And then the Collider is looking for parallel dimensions when they have already been discovered years ago. Creating wormholes into co-dimensions has been done and verified by the neighbors who live there. Dimensional relativity, with a time dilation of 200,000 to 1 has already been discovered. Teleportation has already been discovered. Space-time curvature lift and propulsion has already been discovered using low speed-of-light hyperspace energy that can be curved easily using electromagnetic fields. There is this tremendous gap between what has already been done, and what the scientists are doing. The main problem to this development is that the US government claims that hyperspace does not exist. For those of us who have been in hyperspace, this is completely false.

* If it is determined that the third dimension doesn’t really exist, it would make a lot of sense because reality is often crappy, and we all know that the worst episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation were the holodeck ones.

** For any given interesting science article, there is at least one crazy person on the Internet to offer a completely insane rebuttal.


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