When “Hope” and “Change” Are “More of the Same”

It's all HIS fault! Don't blame US for all those things we've done!

Because when your Presidency is tanking, why not blame the guy who left two years ago?

Republican leadership, [Axelrod] ventured, has “put emphasis on throttling things down… hoping that the mess that they created… would be so difficult to clean up that they could then blame us for their problems.”


The remarks suggest a White House that is frustrated at the hand it’s been dealt, as well as increasingly concerned about the state of the electorate.


In a sense, we are a victim of our own success, of the expectations that the president aroused, and the fact that we have gotten so much done,” Axelrod said, in attempting to explain the enthusiasm gap between Republican and Democratic voters.


“The depth of the problem that was created, the irresponsible policies, is something we are going to live with for a long time,” Axelrod acknowledged. [emphasis added]

Maybe it’s just that voters are getting tired of hearing this Administration blame their litany of failures on the last President. Or maybe voters just don’t like getting trillions of dollars of debt shoveled down their throats. Nah, couldn’t be.

Also, when you’ve lost Krugman, maybe it’s time to stop whining about the Republicans…


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