“Economic Justice” Protesters Burn Toronto

Once again, the extreme left has taken to the streets to engage in wanton destruction in the name of some self-righteous cause or another:

Thousands of protesters took over the streets of downtown Toronto on Saturday as isolated groups of demonstrators burned police cars, smashed windows and confronted riot police.


Earlier, demonstrators broke the windows of dozens of businesses, including a Scotiabank, CIBC, a McDonald’s and a Starbucks. Protesters threw bricks at a CBC van, breaking its windows. TTC streetcars were abandoned on Queen Street and two were spraypainted with anti-summit graffiti and anarchy symbols.

Predictably, the protesters are portraying things in a somewhat different light:

Friends, comrades, and allies’ are being detained. Homes have been raided, people have been snatched, and arrested in the streets. At least [#] [sic] of our allies are being held at 629 Eastern Ave, at a film studio that has bee converted into a temporary prison for G8/G20 those resisting the G8/G20.

We need to show our comrades and friends that we support each other, and show that we can’t be divided by fear.

Good thing those “[#]” protesters weren’t protesting government spending, or anything racist like that. Can you imagine what the media reaction would be if “Tea Party” types organized large-scale mob violence on public websites? Ahh, but they’re not pursuing “economic justice,” are they?


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