Laughter and coats are the tools of Satan

Iran is gearing up for its annual summer vice crackdown by releasing new “improvements” to its modesty and dress-code laws. Specifically, the government will be targeting both the sellers and wearers of form-fitting women’s coats.

Methods for curtailing the menace of sassy-yet-professional outerwear for women include drastic increases in fines and mean-muggin’:

Meanwhile, a prominent ayatollah, Mahyeddin Shirazi, instructed the wives of Revolutionary Guard members at a recent meeting that they should adopt a withering expression to make inappropriately dressed women feel “humiliated”.

AND (emphasis added):

Certainly, students at Shiraz Medical University are likely to have found humiliating personal hygiene tips on the university’s updated dress code, issued last week. According to a report by Tahavole Sabz, a website run by “green” movement supporters, they were advised to shower and brush their teeth daily and wear clean, ironed clothes. Both sexes were also told to avoid wearing “strong smelling fragrances” – and that laughing aloud anywhere on campus is prohibited.

[…] In a tub-thumping sermon in Mashhad recently, a hard-line ayatollah, Ahmad Alam al Hoda, declared: “Badly veiled women and girls are like the foot soldiers of the United States.

America: an international army of provocatively dressed women. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Speaking of which, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention Great Satan’s Girlfriend, a blog you just kind of have to see to believe.

P.S. Hat tip for the story to my friend Alex Mayer, who works at Radio Free Europe and contributes to The Long War Journal, both excellent news sources.


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