Quick Hits

  • Just in case you forgot. Or didn’t know in the first place.
  • This is one of the better academic smack-downs I’ve seen recently. I thought the original article was kind of breathless, and Berlinksi’s response to Radosh’s criticism is pretty weak. On the other hand, I think it’s undeniable that former communists and their fellow-travelers haven’t faced the sort of opprobrium former Nazis (rightfully) endured, and I’m generally sickened by public displays of reverence or affection for figures like Lenin or Che by people who really ought to know better. Then again, as Radosh writes:

… the world Left continued to argue that there was an essential difference between Communism and Nazism: the former supposedly emerged from Enlightenment philosophy and a well-meaning search for a more humanitarian and equal social order for the people of the world; the latter emerged from volkish ideology, espousal of war as a philosophy, and the espousal of evil and extermination of the Jewish people as a necessary basis for a new Aryan order. [emphasis added]

  • RIP Dio:

Also, like CJ, I offer my apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Thesis proposals, seminar papers, massive amounts of Russian to translate, and looking for summer housing on the other side of the country have eaten up most of my time lately.


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