In Which I Shamelessly Plug My Article

I’ve got a big ol’ article up at The Weekly Standard about concealed carry of handguns on college campuses.  I talk about some recent court cases in Colorado and Oregon, where public university handgun bans are in direct conflict with state law.

You can, y’know, read it if you want. It’s pretty hip. Like, if it was any more hip, it would be draped over a suggestively posed American Apparel model. Anyway, here’s a sample:

Cases like these probably offer the best chance for proponents of concealed carry to defeat campus bans, but even in states where there is no such legal conflict, is there a justification for banning guns from campuses? If a student is licensed by the state to carry, what is the fundamental difference between a classroom and any other public space?

“It makes no sense,” Oregon Firearms Federation Executive Director Kevin Starrett said in a phone intervew. “If we can’t trust them on campus, why do we trust them anywhere else?”

Indeed, if students’ First Amendment right to free expression does not end at the school gates, as the Supreme Court ruled in Tinker v. Des Moines, why should they be denied their Second Amendment right to self-defense?


1 Response to “In Which I Shamelessly Plug My Article”

  1. 1 cholm725
    May 6, 2010 at 9:54 am

    I thought that it was very well-written and not over-the-top or regurgitating the usual arguments about gun ownership and carrying.

    I think the tough part, which you get at in your article, is convincing people that those who have already been found qualified to carry in public (permit and all) are not the people who are gunning down students in the horrific crimes we’ve seen over the years.

    I also like the notion of having straight shooters, so to speak, closer than DPS or the police. Their response times tend to get people killed, whereas I might be able to place one or two round at high-center chest before things got too bloody.

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