Wait… What?

According to the BBC, the Pope’s “personal preacher” has likened “criticism of the pontiff and Church over child abuse to ‘collective violence’ suffered by the Jews.”

Response 1: Huh??

Response 2: Maybe he should get together with Frank Rich and compare notes.

Response 3: If I were the Catholic Church, I wouldn’t get too high and mighty about persecuted Jews.

Response 4: Why does the Pope need a personal preacher?


1 Response to “Wait… What?”

  1. 1 cholm725
    April 2, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    You’d think he’d at least start with the sonderkommando before going full-on Holocaust.

    I like that “Cognitive Dissonance” is just below this entry because the church doesn’t seem to realize that the highest levels of their organization have been involved in a criminal conspiracy for quite some time. Generally speaking, those don’t turn out too well for those who are involved.

    This is the Vatican’s Abu Ghraib, minus the digital photos.

    Everyone is getting a peek behind the curtain.

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