Bizarre Statement of the Day

In an otherwise mostly-useless article about the debate over the Marine base on Okinawa that’s existed since 1945 (shorter version: some people don’t mind it, others do; the debate rages on), I ran across this head-scratcher of a sentence:

The United States has been here ever since, but a peace deal signed 50 years ago was not an equal one, agreed in the aftermath of war, surrender, then occupation.

The first question that comes to mind, naturally, is :”Since when are peace treaties signed in the aftermath of a war that was started when the eventual loser of said war mounted an unprovoked sneak attack against the eventual victor as well as virtually all of its neighbors and numerous other countries into the deal supposed to be ‘equal’?”

The second question one might ask after reading that sentence might be: “In the aftermath of said war, didn’t the United States pump obscene amounts of money into the Japanese economy and, moreover, been a reliable ally and strong trading partner for the last sixty years or so?”

In light of all that, the final question should be: “Who writes this stuff?”


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