Spoiled Little Brats

Via Glenn Reynolds, “campus activism” at its finest:

BERKELEY, Calif. – A late-night demonstration over budget cuts turned violent in Berkeley when protesters broke into a campus building, torched trash cans, smashed windows and threw rocks and bottles at police, authorities said Friday…


[A]bout 50 people broke through a fence surrounding Durant Hall, which is closed for renovation, and about 20 entered and occupied the building, said Cpt. Margo Bennett of the UC Police Department.The group smashed windows, sprayed graffiti, damaged construction equipment, knocked over portable toilets and hung up a banner promoting the March 4 rally, UC officials said. Others blocked police from entering the building…


The crowd later marched to nearby Telegraph Avenue, where protesters broke the glass doors of a Subway restaurant and set fire to trash bins…

With CNBC gearing up to air a documentary about the Baby Boomers (yawn.), perhaps now is the time to ask if perhaps the Boomers have finally been bested by a generation whose narcissism and sense of entitlement make all those tiresome tales about being “THERE, MAN” at Woodstock or arm-in-arm with Martin Luther King, Jr. look tame:

[W]e’ve built up the confidence of our kids, but in that process, we’ve created a generation of hot-house flowers puffed with a disproportionate sense of self-worth (the definition of narcissism) and without the resiliency skills they need when Mommy and Daddy can’t fix something.


Armed with a steady influx of trophies just for showing up, “I Am Special” coloring books and princess parties, it is hard for kids to understand why an abundance of ego might be bad for them.

One would hope that maybe a couple of days in jail for smashing up some Subway restaurant, coupled with the realization that some immigrant janitor is going to have to clean the mess up would do the trick. Sadly, it’s more likely that getting tossed in the stir for burglarizing a building under renovation and subsequently destroying everything in sight in the name of demanding more money from a fiscally insolvent state will be treated as a badge of merit.

You remember when we occupied Durant, man? When we kicked over all those port-a-johns and sprayed graffiti all over everything? I was THERE, MAN. I was fuckin’ THERE.


1 Response to “Spoiled Little Brats”

  1. 1 CJ Ciaramella
    March 1, 2010 at 8:29 am

    Ah, I found the “I was fuckin’ THERE” perspective of the UC demonstrations: http://occupyca.wordpress.com/

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