Smartest Thing He’s Done Yet

President Obama has officially declared that his administration will support the construction of two new nuclear power stations in the United States, the first in thirty years.

The president said the project would create “thousands of construction jobs over eight years and then hundreds of well-paid jobs” when the facilities become operational.

He added that it was “only the beginning” of efforts to develop a new generation of safe and clean energy-efficient technologies, which would help fight climate change.


“To meet our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we’ll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. It’s that simple.”

In a word: yes.

This is excellent news and an indication that this Administration, while it pays a lot of lip service to “being green” (read: “Copenhagen”), is also willing to make smart, practical choices that will actually have a real impact on reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.

I’m no big fan of the President, but I’m willing to give credit where credit is due. If the Obama Administration follows through on these promises, it will go a long way in finally shattering the absurd, decades-long taboo we’ve had in this country against nuclear power. And that’s work well worth doing.


1 Response to “Smartest Thing He’s Done Yet”

  1. 1 cholm725
    February 17, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    Still strikes me as a band-aid / ignoring the larger issue. Am I the only one who thinks that we have something as high-tech as a nuclear reactor to create steam and turn a turbine? It just seems like there has to be a better answer than a coupling of 9th century technology with 21st century technology.

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