Bolivarian Democracy in Action

Expect excuses in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…:

The Venezuelan government has taken six cable television channels off the air for breaking a law on transmitting government material.

The privately owned RCTV International, openly opposed to President Hugo Chavez, is one of those affected.

On Saturday the government had ordered RCTV to televise a government message, but the channel refused to comply.


Last week RCTV, along with 23 other cable channels, was redefined by the government as a national, rather than international broadcaster.

As such, the channels would now be expected to carry presidential addresses and government campaign material in what is an election year in Venezuela.

It’s the opposition’s fault, really. Chavez changed the rules so that they were required to air government propaganda. They refused. So whatever happens to them next is more or less a result of their actions, right? Can’t abide lawbreakers, after all.


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