Big O says vote no on 66, 67; Democrats unhappy

Just in case the shrill screams of outrage and confusion emanating from every Democrat in the state didn’t tip you off, The Oregonian — by turns the newsletter of the communist party of the USA or a mouthpiece for plutocratic fascists, depending on who you ask — released an editorial yesterday urging citizens to vote no on measures 66 and 67. A sample:

It didn’t have to come to this. The Democrats who control the Legislature could have approved a modest and mostly temporary package of business tax increases with the full support of the Oregon Business Association, which represents many of the state’s largest and most public-minded corporations.

Instead, Democrats bent to the demands of the most liberal members of their House caucus and approved an unwise and ill-timed package of corporate and personal tax increases that has infuriated virtually every business group and commercial sector in Oregon.

The Democrats who hold a supermajority of seats in the Legislature could have sent to voters a proposal to reform the tax kicker and allow the state to build a strong and durable rainy day fund to avert future revenue crises and address the most glaring problem with Oregon’s system of public finance, its volatility.

Instead, the Democrats buried kicker reform and chose to fill a large hole in the budget by tacking more onto Oregon’s already high personal income taxes — exacerbating the top-heavy volatility of the state’s tax system. The self-described progressives in the House caucus further insisted that income tax increases on wealthier Oregonians — mostly business owners and professionals, otherwise known as employers — be permanent, not levied just long enough to get the state through its budget crisis.

In other news, a large man of straw named “Corporate Interests” was seen lumbering through Oregon’s liberal blogosphere.


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